Compress Pack was designed for Shane, a 7-year-old boy with high functioning Autism and ADD. When he has anxiety in public, he needs a private way to reduce anxiety.

Air bladders within the backpack straps provide deep compression for Shane in Backpack Mode and Vest Mode.

Featured: Core77 Design Awards 2016 Notable

"Compress Pack is a great example of design destigmatizing a problem."
"The pack feels elegant and dignified, as compared to other compression-based products for Autistic children."

Project Members: Alexandra Lewis and Jon Cantu

Initial ideation


Shane's Current Backpack


SWitching between modes


Iterative Mock-Ups


Concept Board


Final Prep Work


Technical Drawing for Sewing 


Final Vest and Backpack Compression System

Backpack Mode

Use as normal backpack. Hidden air pump on right side fills straps when needed. Gives bear hug feeling.


Vest Mode

Open backpack cover, remove backpack, reverse and use as normal vest. Straps and pump used as before.


Context Shot